Why are people abandoning major religions?

A reasonable person would not have left a place that is peaceful and fruitful and in which a future breathes.

Religions preach an omnipotent God of peace and love, but they are making their way among the peoples with the sword in hand. They also attribute to the same God that He is the author of a concentration camp where those who they do not like will be tortured forever.

The fruits they promise are somewhere in heaven, but on the earth, the results are wars, murders, and ruin.

According to the Gospels, with the birth of Jesus, angels declare the good news of great joy for all people; but only after a year, this event is marked by the slaughter of all male infants in the vicinity of Bethlehem. (Luke 2: 8-11; Матей 2:16)

Later, massacres, torture, and fires for those who disagree with church’s dogma fill several centuries.

The analogy between the activities of religions and political metamorphoses is not inappropriate, but the responsibility of the former is much greater because they act on behalf of God.