A good question that can be exhaustively answered in several books.

The churches omit or downplay a number of factors on several levels: violence in practice, absurdities in the dogma, and the origin and the content of the so-called Holy Scriptures.

Nearly two decades ago, Pope John Paul II apologised to mankind for the Inquisition without commenting on the biblical example and verses that inspired and justifies it.

The whole Bible continues to be perceived as an undoubted Word of God.

For example, after the death of Jesus, unrecognisable ghosts, that remind others of him by words or gestures, appear or disappear suddenly, go through locked doors, and terrify his followers. But those who return to normal life after clinical death, are in the same body and obey the same physical laws as before the accident. And also, they do not ascend into heaven after several weeks.

There is much work to study.

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