“What are your conclusions in a nutshell? Great thoughts need little words and verbosity can and does get in the way of lucidness. I had a religious childhood, but grew out of it. We, humans have to take God’s place and we are not doing well.”


Thank you, Robert, for your question!

While I agree we are not doing well, I do not think we should take the place of God.

The cosmos, the Sun, the Earth, the plants, the animals, and the man are so closely connected that we can conclude that they are intended to form a body—a whole, complete, normal organism—the organism of Life.

The place and role of man in this organism are not to dominate it to their own advantage. In order not to live as a cancer cell in the body of Life, human beings must overcome the destructive tendencies of selfishness.

Such a high ideal could help them to occupy fully their real place in creation, to unite, and to lead the consolidated organism to flower, completeness, and perfection.

It is only then that Life may be considered healthy and suitable for dissemination in space, and be defined as part of the universe!