Dealing in the field of popular religious culture, philosophy, and humanism, Danail Hristov’s writings investigate the merits and faults of the Biblical values and notions and their impact upon the thinking of modern man.

The author was born in a family of devout evangelical Christians, and lived in an atheistic country for almost half a century. The interaction between these two antagonistic ideals marks the beginning of his research and sharpens his critical pen.

As an essayist and investigator, Danail Hristov has been examining the Bible and Christianity for more than thirty-five years. He begins with the belief that he would be able to discover the causes of the decline of the Christian doctrine so that it could be revived. In this process, the researcher faces hard-to-swallow discoveries, as is the case with other Bible scholars, and he leaves the church. He has preserved his respect for these biblical values which have proven to be universal and unfading. His notion of God acquires a non-religious and non-dogmatic character.

The Bible as a literary source that has had a great impact upon our thinking and history is the main object of the author’s quests and criticism. The other fulcrum of his argument, he has found in the fundamental structure of the Universe and Life, also in the qualities and abilities of man, and finally, in human experience—historical, social, and personal.

Danail Hristov’s first book in English, “The End of the Jesus Era,” is an attempt at impartial investigation into the Jesus phenomenon. In parallel, it initiates an exploration of the knowledge about nature of the Creator in the light of the moral principles inherent in Life and the logical pattern of the Universe.

His autobiography, stories from his life experience as a zealous Christian, and some observations on practical Christianity gained over seventy years, are also included in the study.

The author is currently writing the second part of “The End of the Jesus Era.”

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